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A2 Motorcycle Licence Training in North London

The category A2 motorcycle licence is available for anyone over the age of 19. The A2 motorcycle licence allows riders to ride any motorcycle/scooter with a maximum power output of up to 35kw (46.6bhp). Following European Legislation changes in January 2013, the A2 restricted licence is the only type of licence available to anyone under 24 years of age unless you intend on following the progressive access route, which allows riders who have held a Category A2 bike licence for a minimum of 2 years to upgrade their licence to a full Category A licence by simply re-taking their practical test on a larger and more powerful bike.

A2 Motorcycle Training London

You can take your A2 motorcycle test on either a manual or automatic motorbike. If you choose take and pass your test on a manual motorcycle, you will then be entitled to ride either manual motorcycles or automatic scooters. However if you take your test on an automatic, you will only obtain an automatic licence, and will be limited to only ride automatic bikes.

Once you pass your A2 restricted motorcycle test, you can then ride any motorbike or scooter of your choice, providing that you have restricted the power output to a maximum of 35kw (46.6bhp). However, European Legislation states that you can only restrict a bike for the A2 test which had an original the power output not greater than 70kw (93.2bph) according to the original manufacturer's declartion. All of the motorbikes and scooters which we use have been restricted to make sure that they comply with the European rules and regulations, and have been approved by the DVSA for test purposes.

A2 Motorcycle Training Requirements

In order to attend an A2 restricted motorcycle course, you must be at least 19 years of age and will also need to have a valid driving licence (both Photocard & Matching Counterpart), which can be held in various ways:

  • A Provisional UK Driving Licence (apply here)
  • A Full UK Driving licence
  • An EU Driving Licence (A D91 Form must also be obtained from the DVLA by completing a Form D9)

Unless you hold an existing A1 motorcycle licence and are following the progressive access route, you will have needed to have completed your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) and be able to competently ride to a good confident standard. If you are nervous, inexperienced, or would like to learn how to ride a manual bike, or refresh yourself on a manual bike, then we would recommend you booking a 1-2-1 session with us before attending your A2 training course to ensure your riding is at a suitable standard.

The final requirement for you to book an A2 Motorcycle training course is for you to sit and pass the motorcycle theory test. Once you have passed your motorcycle theory test, you will get a motorcycle theory test certificate number which is needed in order to book your practical A2 Motorcycle test.

For a step by step guide of how to get your A2 motorcycle licence, please refer to our easy to follow flowchart guide.

Our London A2 motorcycle licence courses are run from Ilford (East London), and are perfect for those people who would like to get their A2 35kw (46.6bhp) Motorcycle licence. The A2 motorbike licence is a full motorbike licence, which allows you to ride any sized motorcycle of your choice without 'L' Plates, carry pillion passengers and use motorways.

About The Power Restriction

Although the A2 motorbike licence permits to ride any sized motorcycle, the power output of your motorbike must not exceed 35kw (46.6bhp). This power restriction remains enforced on your licence until you decide to upgrade your motorcycle licence entitlement by re-taking the practical part of your test again on a larger motorcycle via the progressive access route.

You can take your A2 motorcycle test on either a manual or automatic motorbike. If you choose take your test on a manual motorcycle, you can ride either manual motorcycles or automatics, however if you take your test on an automatic, you will be limited to automatics. For this reason, we tend to encourage people to take their A2 motorcycle test on a manual bike. For those people who have limited or no experience riding manual bikes, we offer a 2 hour conversion, which is on a 1-2-1 basis where one of our expert instructs will teach you how to ride a manual motorcycle, with a view to having you prepared at the end of the session to be ready to attend one of our A2 motorcycle training courseson a manual bike.

Who is the A2 Motorcycle test For?

The A2 Motorcycle test is available to anyone over the age of 19, and requires you to pass both the DVSA Module 1 & DVSA Module 2 practical motorcycle tests on a machine which is 495cc or above, with a power output between 33-46.6bhp. The A2 motorcycle licence is the most powerful bike licence available to those between 19 and 23 years of age. Once you have held the A2 licence for a minimum of 2 years (or reach the 24 years of age - whichever comes first), you can re-sit your motorcycle test on a larger bike (Direct Access) and if you successfully pass both DVSA practical modules on a DAS bike, your licence will be upgraded to a full unrestricted motorcycle licence.


Our A2 Restricted Access coures in London are inclusive of bike hire, helmet and gloves. The majority of our A2 restricted licence courses in London are carried out around North London (Enfield), as this is where the DVSA test centre is situated.

Our A2 restricted licence training run from both our North London and East London training centre's. The convenience of having 2 locations in seperate areas of London means that those people who live in Southgate, Muswell Hill, Highbury Islington, Euston, Kings cross and Edmonton, now have the convenience of choosing to take a course from our Tottenham training site.

For people living closer to East London in areas such as Stratford, Dalston, Hackney, Shoreditch, East Ham, Forest Gate, Docklands or Romford, our training site in Barkingside (Ilford) is probably more convenient for you. That said, both our East London & North London motorcycle training centres, provide excellent transport connections, that are easily accessible from all over London.

A2 Motorcycle Training Courses

Our A2 Motorcycle training courses in London are typically run over 3 days. This allows us suffiecient time to train you to pass both the Module 1 & Module 2 practical tests. A typical 3 day course would envolve the following:

Our 3 Day A2 Restricted Access Course (Most recommended):

The first day will consist of both Module 1 & Module 2 training. The second day will consist of more training and your Module 1 test. Finally, the third day will be Module 2 training, followed by your Module 2 test.

As you cannot attend your Module 2 test until you have passed your Module 1 test, we can only provide you with dates for the first 2 days of your course, with the third day being To Be Confirmed (TBC). We will then provide you with a third and final date, once you have passed your Module 1 test. If you are unfortunate enough not to pass your Module 1 test on your first attempt, we can then arrange a re-sit before booking you in for your final day.

There are lots of training schools who offer both Module 1 & Module 2 tests on the same day, as it is more conveneint for the training school, as it means they only have to take you to the test centre once instead of twice, but ultimatley it is you the pupil, who is taking the risk and putting additional pressure on yourself for Module 1 knowing that if you fail, you will not be able to take your Module 2 test, and will lose any fees you have paid towards such test.  However, as much as we advise against it, we can arrange your Module 1 & Module 2 tests on the same day if it is something you insist on.

If you would like more information about our 3 Day A2 Restricted Access course, please send us an email, and we will happily provide you with a detailed breakdown of the course which has lead to a superb first time pass rate.

Our 2 Day Restricted Access Course:

We do also offer a 2 day course for more experienced riders, which naturally involves less training.

Our 2 day course requires you to sit both your Module 1 & Module 2 tests on the same day. Therefore, please be aware that if you are unfortunate enough not to pass your Module 1 test, you will not be able to proceed to your Module 2 test, and as such, the fee for such test will have been forfeited.

However, please also consider that if this situation occurs, you will not only have lost your Module 2 fee, but will also then have to pay for another Module 1 test as well as another Module 2 test, which works out more expensive than opting for our more popular 3 Day A2 Course, where we Book your Module 1 & Module 2 tests on seperate days to avoid this scenario, and also allow time for additional training to help ensure a first time pass on both tests.

What if I've never ridden a manual bike?

For people who have never ridden a geared bike, but would like to pass their A2 test on a manual motorbike, we would recommend doing your CBT on a manual bike.  However, if you already have a CBT, then we would suggest doing a 2 hour 1-2-1 conversion course with one of our instructors, where we will teach you how to ride a manual motorcycle, and get you to a standard where you are good enough to attend our 3 Day A2 restricted Licence course.

A2 Restricted Licence Price List

How do I book my A2 Course?

There are 3 ways that you can book yourself onto a A2 course:

  • You can book online
  • You can book over the phone by calling 020 8597 7333 or 0800 848 8418
  • You can come into our offices to pay cash. (If you would ike to take this option, please contact our office on 020 8597 7333 or 0800 848 8418 before making your journey, so that we can ensure someone will be present to greet you).

Please note, to book your DAS you will first need to satisfy some basic requirements:

  • Have a full or provisional driving licence which is valid with the correct entitlements, and no bans, restrictions or disqualifications which will legally prevent you from attending your course.
  • You must bring your original UK provisional / full photocard driving licence. If your photocard licence has expired, then please bring an original, current and valid UK passport as well as your original expired photocard driving licence. If you have the old style paper driving licence, an original, current and valid UK passport is also required. If you have an EU licence, then you will need to bring your original EU photocard driving licence with supporting D91 form.
  • You must have passed your motorcycle theory test (unless unless you are upgrading an existing motorcycle licence via the progressive access route
  • You must have a current and valid CBT certificate
  • You must be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 meters (the use of glasses is allowed)
  • Have read the Highway Code, and demonstrate a good knowledge of this and all other UK road traffic procedures at all times.

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